KML routes of some kayaking daytrips I've taken

Janakkala 21.6.2009, google maps
Suomenlinna 22.6.2009, google maps
Suomenlinna 27.6.2009, part 1, google maps
Suomenlinna 27.6.2009, part 2, google maps
Harmaja 10.7.2009, google maps
Otaniemi to Saunalahti 12.7.2009, google maps
Saunalahti to Otaniemi 13.7.2009, google maps
Short morning trip from Otaniemi 17.7.2009, google maps
Otaniemi to Soukka 18.7.2009, google maps
Soukka to Otaniemi 19.7.2009 before the gps ran out of batteries and after, google maps before and after. If anyone happens to have extra solar panels, feel free to hand then out to me...

If you happened to sit on the other seat in the same kayak or are just otherwise intrested, some of the stuff above can be found in yet another format with some statistics at my profile in Nokia Sports Tracker.

This page was last updated on 19.7.2009

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