Juho's page

That's me skiing in Lapland. This is my humble web home. Be greeted, stranger.

Contact info.

Currently in Helsinki. You can get in touch with me by dropping me a line.

Old things I've done from years back

Points of interest in and around Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Notes on traveling to Simien Mountains, Ethiopia.
Some recipes I have collected.
My unfinished thoughts on airline traffic,
howto and supporting material for designing and sewing your own bow tie. Some kayaking stuff,
some more, and some gps-tinkering with the kayak.
Physicists' Guild newspaper Kvantti
1/2007*, 1/2008*, 2/2008*, 3/2008*, 4/2008*
Etelä-Lopen Eränkävijät ry* - a hunting club

Open GIS stuff

I've done a number of contributions to OSM including, but not ilmited to Alpine huts (fin. Autiotupa) in Finland, Numerous plants, Surveillance and Fire hydrants in KAUST. Streams in the Simien Mountains and Bain Locations. See also some of my Mapillary contributions.

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